CRI participated in the two-day long 21st Council

CRI participated in the two-day long 21st Council of Bangladesh Awami League. The council took place on December 20, 2019 and December 21, 2019 at Suhrawardy Udyan in Dhaka. Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the President of Bangladesh Awami League inaugurated the council. Respective party members, councilors, grassroots political leaders and supporters from all over Bangladesh were present at the venue. Other visitors included invited guests, delegates, diplomatic envoys, media and members of the general public.

This year, 10 CRI creative installations and exhibitions showcased the history of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Awami League, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at the council venue. The installations drew the attention of the young crowd and other visitors alike.

CRI Installations: To engage is to communicate
The historical journey of Awami League, snapshots of important events and meetings were covered by the creative installations. They also featured struggles and accomplishments of Awami League in spearheading national progress and development. CRI also presented the entire history of Awami League’s founding year (1949), to the journey of leading Bangladesh to freedom in 1971 through the installations. The CRI pavilion featured an outdoor stall with CRI’s publications and the ‘Mujib’ graphic novel series, an indoor screening room which played different documentaries at the council venue.

These creative exhibitions were designed to inform the emerging grassroots youth leaders and others about the political journey and to engage them through communicative materials which narrates stories of significant historical events of Awami League. These include:

‘Road to 21st Council’ installation displayed the history of the party since birth.

‘Light after Darkness’ section portrayed the August 15, 1975 assassination of Bangabandhu and most of his family members.

‘Walk with Leader’ corner displayed photos of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, his daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and grandson Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

‘7th March’ installation portrayed quotes of Bangabandhu’s historic speech delivered on March 7, 1971.

‘Face of ALBD’ corner decorated portraits of Bangabandhu, Sheikh Hasina and the four national leaders of the 1971 wartime government- Acting President Syed Nazrul Islam, Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmad, and Cabinet Ministers M Mansur Ali and AHM Quamruzzaman.

‘ALBD regional Footprints’ installation displayed numerous activities of different sub-committees of Awami League and CRI organized events with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

‘ALBD – In front of a Mirror’ presented a detailed view of the history of Awami League.

‘Quotes for Future Leadership’ corner have quotes from different speeches of Bangabandhu and Sheikh Hasina along with their photos.

‘A New ERA – Part 1’ presented the life story of Bangabandhu, and ‘A New ERA – Part 2’ told the story of Sheikh Hasina.

Let’s Talk: Connecting Party Leaders with Grassroots Youth Leaders
CRI also organised its flagship youth engagement discussion programme ‘Let’s Talk’ at the CRI pavilion in the council premises. State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam MP, State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP, State Minister for Information Murad Hasan MP, and Nahim Razzaq MP and Fazilatun Nasa Bappy MP and Deputy Secretary Aminul Islam Amin, Publication and Publicity Wing, Awami League interacted with the participants there.

Let’s Talk at Awami League’s national council brought the party leaders and the grassroots youth leader under one roof and provided a unique opportunity to instill the vision of Bangladesh into the grassroots youth leaders. The youth leaders also shared their views on different issues of national interests.

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