About Shariatpur-3 Constituency

(Damudya, Gosairhat, Bhedarganj)

  • Total
  • Total municipalities: 3
  • Total number of unions: 19
  • Total population: 3, 19,786 people
  • Total number of voters: 2, 12,974 people
  • 7 unions- Darul Aman, Dhanokathi, Islampur, Koneshwar, Purbo Damudya, Shidul Kura, and Sidda
  • 1 municipality- Damudya municipality
  • Total population: 109,003
  • Total voters: 72,041
  • 8 unions- Alawalpur, Gosairhat, Idilpur, Kodalpur, Kuchaipatti, Nager Para, Nalmuri, and Samantasa
  • 1 municipality- Damudya municipality
  • Total population: 1, 57,665
  • Total voters: 95,231
  • 4 unions- Chhaygaon, Mahisar, Naryanpur, and Rambhadrapur
  • 1 municipality- Bhedarganj municipality
  • Total population: 53, 118
  • Total voters: 45, 702

Shariatpur is an exceptional constituency in a certain way. It was established in 1984- when the former Faridpur- 16 constituency was split into five districts- and yet it only began to develop as a constituency in 1996, 12 years after its initial establishment. In 1996, when Awami League regained power again, under the care of national hero Abdur Razzaq, who was born and raised there, Shariatpur finally became a successful constituency on the map of Bangladesh.

The development of Shariatpur has skyrocketed since the Awami League led Grand Alliance came into power in 2008. Progress has been seen in every sector e.g. Communications sector, Roads and Highways sector, Municipality sector, Educational sector, Health and Family Welfare sector, Electricity Sector, Resource and Disaster sector, IT sector, Water resources sector, and so on.

  • In the Communications sector and the Roads and Highways sector almost 198.42 km of roads, and 180 bridges and culverts have been built under the supervision of Abdur Razzaq, and then his son Nahim Razzaq after him to increase connectivity in Shariatpur.
  • Considering the Educational sector, 85 new primary education institutions, and 30 new college, high school and madrasa facility structures have been established. Additionally 280 new teachers have been appointed. Nahim Razzaq himself has acted as the chairperson for several colleges and secondary schools.

  • In the Health and Family Welfare sector, in the last five years, 106 new employees have been hired, 30 community clinics have been established, with 30 more in the process of being built. Also, over 500 deep tube wells have been installed in the constituency.

  • Regarding the Electricity sector, 152.037 kilometers of electric lines have been sanctioned of which 37.274 kilometers have been completed.For the employment of the poverty stricken people, 523 projects have been successfully completed, under the Resource and Disaster sector.
  • In the IT sector, a total of 25 new computer labs have been installed in various middle schools in Bhedarganj, Gosairhat, and Damudya districts, under the supervision of young MP Nahim Razzaq. In light of the fact that the IT sector in the constituency was previously quite under developed, this has been a step towards the right direction to bring technological development to Shariatpur.

These are just a few of the countless examples of the advancement in Shariatpur, that first began when Abdur Razzaq was elected, and has since then been continued by his son. The people of Shariatpur-3 constituency are strongly devoted to Abdur Razzaq and Nahim Razzaq; they know that the prosperity of Shariatpur is solely due to the combined strife of these two leaders and thus they are constant in their support of them. Nahim Razzaq till date strives to fill his father’s shoes, hoping to complete the work his father began and steer Shariatpur into the 21st century.


Map of Shariatpur-3 Constituency

The constituency covers Damudya and Gosairhat upazilas and the Bhedarganj Thana portion of Bhedarganj Upazila, all in Shariatpur District. Bhedarganj Thana consists of Bhedarganj Municipality and Chhaygaon, Mahisar, Naryanpur, and Rambhadrapur Union Parishads