Nahim Razzaq is a Member of the Bangladesh National Parliament elected for the 2nd Term from his home town constituency of 223, Sariatpur 3 across the river of the great Padma. He is a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Youth and Sports.

Nahim is one of the youngest Parliamentarians in Bangladesh and considered as one of the leading law-maker to promote the concept of YOUTH IN NATION BUILDING as the convener of the National Youth Platform called YOUNG BANGLA.

Nahim was born on 7th February 1981, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, son of Farida Razzaq and Abdur Razzaq. Father being a National Leader, Abdur Razzaq, one of the foremost organisers (Mukib Bahini) of the Liberation War of 1971, Veteran Member of Parliament, former two times General Secretary, Presidium Member, Advisor of Bangladesh Awami League and former Minister of Water Resources (1996-2001) and one of the leading advocate against War Criminals of 1971. Farida Razzaq is a philanthropist, promoting education and entrepreneurship. She is a successful entrepreneur besides being a lovely and caring mother to her two sons.


Nahim is married to Maleya Hossain, a teacher and an entrepreneur is involved with her successful family businesses. Father of two lovely sons, Zayyaf and Zohaar.


Being born into a political family, Nahim always had an interest in contributing for the betterment of the society. His family values fueled his passion to get involved with various social welfare activities and on the day of 21st August 2004 when an organized assassination attack was carried out targeting the top leadership of Bangladesh Awami League at Bangabandhu Avenue, Dhaka at a rally, where his father was badly injured with burns and splinters. Nahim decided to quit his job in London and come back to Bangladesh to be beside his family and to uphold his beliefs of BENGALI NATIONALISM, DEMOCRACY, SOCIAL JUSTICE, SECULARISM, the four principles on which Bangladesh was liberated as an independent state.

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Nahim’s career in main stream politics seemed assured since birth yet it took him a lot longer to believe that reality. Spending more than a decade of his student life abroad, he had, at one point, actually considered not getting involved in politics at all. At one given point Nahim remembers a friend and an advisor of his father criticizing his less-than concerned stance about the state of Bangladesh. He remembers the statement, “IT IS EASY TO CRITISISE BUT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO BE A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY; IT IS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT OTHER LESS QUALIFIED WILL BE IN POLITICS. IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THINGS, FIRST MAKE THAT CHANGE HAPPEN FROM YOUR END”, a statement Nahim still remembers.

As like his father, who was a stronge believer of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Nahim has stronge believes in the ability of his party leader, the party President and the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to lead Bangladesh into becoming a middle income country by 2021 through her plans of VISION 2021.


Nahim shares the passion of the Honourable ICT Adviser to the Prime Minister, the grand son of the Father of the Nation, Sajeeb Wazed Joy in the dream of DIGITAL BANGLADESH. He shares and beliefs in the concept “YOUTH IN NATION BUILDING”, which is why Nahim has taken upon himself as an advocate, a voice for the YOUTH.


Nahim went through some of the renowned educational institutions in Bangladesh and Abroad. Studying at Government High School until grade 8, he shifted to St. Paul’s School in Darjeeling, India, where he completed his ICSE (‘O’ level) with merit. He then competed his CBSE (‘A’ Levels) at Mayo College, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India in Commerce disciplines with distinction in the year 1999. Nahim was an active sportsman showed proficiency in Football, Cricket, Badminton and Hockey. Due to his excellent track record in sports he received special consideration for his Under-Graduation entry at Middlesex University, London. Nahim successfully completed his Bachelor of Arts Honors with double majors in Business and Marketing in 2002. Soon after in persuasion of his passion, he was accepted for his Post-Graduate Diploma (Masters in Marketing) at one of the top Marketing course ranked institution, Kingston University, Surrey, United Kingdom and completed his Post-Graduation in 2003. Nahim is also a qualified CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) professional.


Nahim is involved with various Youth related activities. Is the founding Convener of the National Youth Platform called YOUNG BANGLA (www.youngbangla.org) , which is an initiative of CRI (Centre for Research and Information), a Think Tank to promote the positive youth of Bangladesh, to integrate and act as the Youth Voice in Policy Level.


As being a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Youth and Sports, Nahim is the DRIVER of the NATIONAL YOUTH POLICY which was form in 2016 in conjunction with Department of Youth Development, CRI, UNFPA and Young Bangla.


Nahim is also involved with various Youth Led initiatives to promote and inspire and encourage the youth of Bangladesh to achieve their dreams and contribute to the betterment of the society as RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS. Nahim firmly believes in Secular principles as such is very vocal against Islamic Fundamentalism and promotes an initiatives that deals with the secular ideologies in Bangladesh. Nahim is also involved in initiatives to promote Entrepreneurship, Networking, Innovation and Technology for the youth. One of the core aspect of interest for Nahim is Population Development hence advocates for Gender Rights, rights to have Education and Healthcare amongst Teens in collaboration with UNFPA programmes.

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Nahim is also an advocate for promoting entrepreneurship through his active role as the Adviser for Ecommerce Association of Bangladesh (E-CAB) and other forums where Youth integration is of outmost importance.


Nahim believes in protecting the Planet hence is the Convener of CLIMATE PARLIAMENT BANGLADESH since 2014 to not only create awareness the effects of Climate Change in Bangladesh and on Global context but also to promote the usage of Renewable Energy as the alternative source of Energy production in Bangladesh.


Nahim is engaged in other initives to INSPIRE the way the Youth have inspired him to work hard to build a better Bangladesh.


Nahim is also an sports enthusiast hence is always inloved with sports and in the process of promoting the sports in Bangladesh.


In 2004, on the day of the 21st August assassination attempt on the President and the top top leadership of the largest and the oldest political party of Bangladesh the Bangladesh Awami League where Nahim’s father, late national leader Abdur Razzaq was injured, Nahim gave up his passion for Marketing in London and came back to be actively involved in politics and social movements. In 2008, after the 9th National General Election his father began to lose health hence Nahim took charge of his father’s constituency actively. After the unfortunate demise of the people’s beloved Abdur Razzaq on 23rd December 2011 while undergoing treatment in London, the seat of Shariatpur-3 became void. Bangladesh Awami League nominated Nahim from that constituency hence he was elected Member of Parliament for the 1st time. Nahim again became elected for the 2nd term in the 5th January 2014 National General Election.

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Dedicated to the legacy, Nahim ever since dedicated him time, mind and energy for the people of his constituency as active parliamentarian in the National Parlaiment. He has built up strong connection between himself and the ordinary people of Shariatpur District, working hard to achive the dream of the Father and the Nation, his mentor Sheikh Hasina (Party President) and his father’s dream of a Prosperous, Secular and Progressive Bangladesh

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